Saturday, January 7, 2012


Drugs are automatically known through their brand names. Brand name goes always with its generic name. Generic name has been used universally to recognize the identity of the drug, and utilized by health professionals to distinguish the drug pertained, if the prescription order of the doctor is contained in brand name only. The trend in world market today is that brand names are usually bought, because medical professionals prescribed them, of their known efficacy and short term regimen.

In the Philippines setting, the law enforces and implements  that all medical doctors must prescribe generic drugs to their patients, with or without brand names, especially those who are destined in hospital, due to the fact that all patients are incapable to purchase high cost drugs. Drugstores revamped their strategy by increasing generic drug products in their establishments, rather than that of branded drugs. Having this changed, consumers can afford already the medicines they needed by purchasing generic drug products. But their was a controversy regarding generic drugs. Generic drugs are mostly manufactured by not known and local manufacturers. For this reason, a possibility that the production of the drugs is undetermined and overlooked. The cGMP is also questionable whether is observed or followed. Inefficacy, substandard and low quality products are the main intrigues to the generic drugs. The reason why most of the time the ailment cannot be cured, long term medication usage and hospitalization, and the most terrifying is to get worsen.

But there are products that are choice of the most of physicians. They were chose because of the effect they provide and facilitate activity such as surgical operation, childbirth and recuperation. Enumerated below are the trusted brands of medicines that have bioequivalent generic products, but still prescribed by physicians (unofficial):

1. Sensorcaine  (Astrazeneca)
2. Nubain amps (Invida)
3. Methergin amps (Novatis)
4. Syntocinon amps (Novartis)
5. Diazepam  (Roche)
6. Midazolam amps (Roche)
7.Ponstan  (Pfizer)
8. Xylocaine (Astrazeneca)
9. Serc (Solvay Pharma)
10. Ventolin products (GlaxosmithKline)

These drugs are unbeatable and widely used in every hospital in the country.

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