Saturday, January 19, 2013

Importance of FDA Mandated Seminars

Every pharmacist should have attended a seminars whenever a job of his needing it. FDA Philippines has been always conducting a seminar to educate and update pharmacists in pertaining to their profession and practice. Each seminar gives a chance to pharmacists to learn and acquire proper knowledge about the work they have been chosen. Because pharmacy is very dynamic profession that has a lot of areas to work into, and pharmacy activity has been active in these era , FDA is inevitably let pharmacists not be updated and ignorant in existing policies and regulation that being implemented in relation to their profession and work. The seminars and training conducting by FDA are the following:
  1. Seminar in Licensing a drugstore, drug outlet, and chinese and herbal drugstores;
  2. Seminar in Licensing a distributor;
  3. Seminar in Licensing a production, trading, exporting, importing and etc;
  4. Updates and latest in pharmaceutical industry;
  5. Pharmacovigilance and surveillance seminar;
  6. Training programs in diagnostic, laboratory and drug testing;
  7. Training in bioassay, quality assurance and quality control;
  8. Seminar in food, devices and cosmetics;
  9. Others trainings and seminars
Continuous seminars and trainings are being held whole year around base on the schedules and seminars that FDA is providing. Sometimes seminars are being held outside FDA premises and sponsored by a pharmaceutical company to reach those professionals that cannot attend because of distance.

Please be reminded that registering to a seminar and training should be confirmed first before attending, because when your name is not enlisted in their list you will not be accepted. Sometimes the date in the registration form is not compatible in the given official receipt. Be sure to ask the real time and date of seminar, because FDA does not reach you or even to inform you the real time and date of the seminar, or if the seminar is postponed or moved. Do not believe the scheduled seminars that appeared in their FDA website, because it is unreliable. Best to do is to confirm you name through phone.