Thursday, March 21, 2013

Preparation of Sulfurated Lime Solution

Sulfurated Lime Solution is employed in externally treatment of ringworm infection, pediculosis and most frequently scabies by diluted with 9 volumes of water. A more concentrated lime sulfur solution, containing about 20% of sulfur is known as Lime Sulfur Sublimed, is used as insecticide in plants after dilution. It is known to its other names as Liquor calcis sulfuratae; Solution of Oxysulfuret of Calcium; Vlemincks solution or Vlemincks lotion.


Calcium Hydroxide (Lime)                     165g
Sumblime Sulfur                                   250g
Water, q.s.                                         ________
       To make                                       1000ml

Preparation: Slake the lime (add water), mix the sulfur and add the mixture gradually to 1750ml of boiling water. Boil the mixture with frequent agitation until reduced to 1000ml and maintain this volume for one hour while boiling by addition of water from time to time. Cool, filter and add sufficient quantity of water through the filter to make the product measure 1000ml.

Remarks: The solution contains calcium pentasulfide and calcium thiosulfate as active ingredients.

12 S  +   3 Ca(OH)2     →      2 CaS5       +      CaS2O3      +   3 H2O
Sulfur    Calcium hydroxide              Calcium pentasulfide     Calcium thiosulfate          water