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Syrup Preparation

Acacia Syrup

Acacia (granular or powdered)            100g
Sodium benzoate                                 1g
Vanilla tincture                                     5ml
Sucrose                                             800g
Purified Water QS                              ______
       To make                                     1000ml

Add 425ml of purified water to the mixed acacia, sodium benzoate and sucrose and mix well. Heat on a steam bath until solution is completed. Cool, remove the scum, add the vanilla tincture and sufficient quantity of purified water to make 1000ml. Strain if necessary.

Uses: Flavored vehicle and demulcent.

Citric Acid Syrup

Synonym: Syrup of Lemon

Lemon Tincture                10ml
Citric Acid, Hydrous         10g
Purified Water, QS        ______
        To make               1000ml

Dissolve the citric acid in purified water, add 950ml of syrup followed by the tincture and complete the volume and mix.

Pleasant vehicle with a flavor of lemon making it possible to have a syrup at all seasons of the year with flavor of lemon.

Cocoa Syrup

Synonyms: Cacao Syrup or Chocolate Flavored Syrup

Cocoa                                     180mg
Sucrose                                   600mg
Liquid Glucose                         180mg
Glycerin                                     50ml
Sodium Chloride                         2g
Vanillin                                        0.2g
Sodium Benzoate                         1g
Purified Water, QS                 ________
      To make                            1000 ml

To the mixed cocoa and sucrose add a solution of the liquid glucose, glycerin sodium chloride, vanillin and sodium benzoate in 325ml of hot purified water. Boil for 3 min. Allow to cool at room temperature and make the volume 1000ml.

Use: Pleasant flavored vehicle, not to be used for patients who dislikes or are allergic to it.

Ephedrine Sulfate Syrup

Synonyms: Syrupus Ephedriane Sulfatis

Ephedrine Sulfate                           4g
Citric Acid                                     1g
Amaranth Solution                          4ml
Caramel                                         0.4g
Lemon Oil                                      0.125ml
Orange Oil                                     0.25ml
Benzaldehyde                                 0.06ml
Vanillin                                            0.016g
Alcohol                                          25ml
Sucrose                                         800g
Purified Water, qs                     __________
      To make                               1000ml

Preparation: In 450ml of purified water dissolve the ephedrine sulfate, citric acid and the caramel, add the lemon oil, orange oil, benzaldehyde and vanilline previously dissolved in alcohol. Then add the amaranth solution and sucrose; agitate to dissolve and finally add sufficient quantity of purified water to make 1000ml.

Uses: Sympathomimetic - powerful central nervous system stimulant such as in narcolepsy and in the therapy of poisoning by  the central nervous system depressants. It is of value in myasthenia gravis, portural hypotension, shock and heartblock.

Ipecac Syrup

Powdered Ipecac                    70g
Glycerin                                100ml
Syrup, qs                           ________
     To make                        1000ml

Percolate the powdered ipecac until exhausted using as menstruum a  mixture of 3 volumes of alcohol and 1 volume of water, macerate for 72 hours and percolate slowly. Evaporate the percolate to 70ml at a temperature not exceeding 60o C and preferably in vacuum and add 140ml of water. Allow the mixture to stand overnight and filter and wash the residue on the filter with water. Evaporate the filtrate and washings to 40ml and add to this 2.5 ml of hydrochloric acid and 20ml of alcohol, 3.5 volumes of HCl and 66.5 volumes of water using a volume sufficient to produce 70ml of filtrate. Add 100ml of glycerin and sufficient quantity of syrup to make 1000ml and mix.

Emetic and nauseant expectorant. Chosen emetic in an oral dose of 20ml in the management of poisoning in children; wherein evacuation of the stomach contents is desirable and not specifically contraindicated. Approximately 80% of children given this dose of the syrup will vomit within 30min - valuable in croupous bronchitis in children the dose being 5 drops for the first year of age and one additional drop for each additional year.

Dose: Emetic, adults 10 to 30ml; children 10-15ml; usual adults, 15ml; usual children, 10ml.

Senna Syrup

Senna Fluidextract                  250ml
Coriander Oil                              5ml
Sucrose                                  635g
Purified Water, qs                ________
     To make                           1000ml

Mix the coriander oil with fluidextract and add 330ml of purified water and allow the mixture to stand for 24 hours in a cool place with occasional agitation. Filter and pass sufficient quantity of purified water through the filter to obtain 580ml of filtrate. Dissolve the sucrose in this liquid and add sufficient quantity of purified ware to make 1000ml. Mix and strain.

Cathartic causing a single thorough evacuation of the bowels within 6 hours after administration. Action is accompanied with griping.

Syrup USP

Synonyms: Simple Syrup

Sucrose                          850g
Purified Water, qs         ______
       To make                1000ml

Syrup may be prepared by using boiling water or preferably without heat by percolation.

By percolation - Moisten with a few drops of water the pledget of cotton plugged into the neck of the percolator. Place the sucrose in the percolator and add 450ml of purified water, regulate the flow to a steady drip of percolate, return the percolate, if necessary until all the sucrose has dissolved. Washed the inside of the percolator and the cotton with sufficient quantity of purified water to make the percolate measure 1000ml and mix.

Uses: Sweet vehicle, sweetening agent, excipient in pills, and as basis for many flavored and medicated syrups.

Tolu Balsam Syrup

Synonyms: Syrup of Tolu; Tolu Syrup

Tolu Balsam Tincture                   50ml
Magnesium Carbonate                10g
Sucrose                                      820g
Purified Water, qs                     _____
      To make                            1000ml

Preparation: Triturate the tincture, magnesium carbonate and 60g of sucrose in a mortar. Gradually add 430ml of purified water in trituration filter and dissolve the remaining sucrose in the clear filtrate with gentle heating, strain while warm and add sufficient quantity of purified water to make 1000ml and mix.

It may be prepare by placing the remaining 760g of sucrose in a percolator (which is plugged at the neck with cotton and moistened with a few drops of water). Pour the filtrate obtained as directed in the above formula upon the sucrose and regulate the outflow to a steady drip of percolate when all liquid has run through, return portions of the percolate if necessary to dissolve all the sucrose. Pass sufficient quantity of purified ware through the cotton to make 1000ml and mix.

Use: Flavor in cough syrups in doses of 10ml.         
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