Thursday, July 11, 2013

Philippine Pharmacists Association (PPhA) Talks About The Role of Pharmacists

The Philippine Pharmacists Association President Leonila M. Ocampo had recently appeared in one of television program in the Philippines to discuss the roles of pharmacists, the advocacy of her organization -- to improve the pharmacy setting in our country that has been behind from other countries' setting, and how would the people change their views about pharmacists as an essential health care provider, who is expert in drugs.

As she started, she has given a cliche for pharmacists to always put in their minds about drugs, she said "Always think that medicines are no ordinary products." Which she elaborated that drugs are chemicals too that can cure and/or can kill.

When the discussion is at peak, Ms. Leonila Ocampo pointed some serious issues regarding the Pharmacy Profession. As she tackled these issues:

1. Roles of Pharmacists as health providers
2. Mission of the organization
3. The optimum benefits of drugs
4. How the public views regarding pharmacists and their profession
5. Importance of Pharmacist Intervention on OTC product dispensing and counseling
6. Improvement of Laws and Regulations for betterment of the Pharmacy Profession

It is nice to know that the PPhA is really pursuing an action to alleviate the profession from the downgrade level to respectable one. I hope that someday every beautiful thing that comes out in her mouth would be happened as the Board of Pharmacy, FDA and the law will affirmed too!