Friday, January 13, 2012

Distributors on the Go!

Pharmaceutical world is so dynamic, it means that this business is so active and that everyone needs medicines to outwit diseases. Such business is also undergone series of transfer for medicines to reach the consumer. Because of that brokers are involved, and retailers are importing their products through them. Distribution is the proper term to define the outreach of the medicine products to the drugstores and outlets. In the Philippines, distributors are very alive and an expand of them are near unaccountable. Most of them distribute generic drug products and locally made drugs. But what pharmaceutical company distributor is flagging away in distributing and wholesaling branded drug, and trusted by major international pharmaceutical companies?

It seems there is only one to be selected. As a pharmacist and purchaser, I have top five major distributors selected, whereas, I usually place an order and procure. They are:

1. Zuellig Pharma
2. Metro Drug, Inc
3. GB Distributors, Inc
4. RBC-MDC Pharmacy
5. Apollo Plus Distributor

Zuellig Pharma has been the top most choice, because it provides most of the extensive branded products that are marketable and physician-prescribed in the market today. Zuellig Pharma can be easily reached through their salesmen, phone calls, internet transactions and SMS. It is also the leading distributor that distributes and supplies branded drug products for small business drugstores and top drugstores - such as Mercury Drugstores, Watsons, South Star Drugstore - in the country. I found them so complete, because I can say that almost all major branded drug products are solely offered through it and cannot be sought in other distributors, unless you go directly to the principal company to purchase.

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