Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tips to Pass the Pharmacy Board Examination

Pharmacy Board Exam is an exam that must not to play with but to seriously take in, because of the difficulty and strangeness of questions that can be found and made everything under the sun. There are 6 subjects to be taken which has been also discussed in this blog. If possible you need to pass the six subjects to pass the entire exam. By following my simple advice, you will surely pass the board exam.
  1. Review, review, review! After graduating you will automatically review all your notes and what you have learned before to refresh your mind and to at least cull more information that you have not learned before. This stage will be the longest phase of your examination process.

  2. Self review is more efficient than group review. Self review is better than group review because being alone can give you more concentration in your review, follow your timetable, cost-efficient time, can scan more other review materials, and can minimize possible talking, chatting, break times and other vain things that occur during group review. The best thing that group review can offer is to help one another to address difficult questions and be discussed.

  3. Enroll to a Reviewer or Review Center that has the ability to support and provide you with more knowledge, hints, cues and can assist you into your review by giving you information about exam, techniques on how to shade, to manage time while taking the exam, possible questions and so on so forth, that can consequently lead you to your aim. Be sure to attend final coaching!

  4. Basic Knowledge is important! What are the basics are the most significant, likewise, if you have good inkling or knowledge on basic points of the pharmacy course can guarantee you to pass the exam.

  5. Do not be bossy and smarty. Knowing that almost everything is already learned is not a good news to hear by being showy and bossy among your co-examinees. Being bossy and smarty infront of the them can assimilate in their mind that you are intelligent but boastful. Do not react this way. Becoming humble and discreet is better. You might not know that when exam results come you are not in the list.

  6. Try to hear others experience. Learning about them can give you clues on what to do in the exam and the twist and turn that might appear in the actual exam. 

  7. Review the PACOP reviewers including the latest. Almost all questions are gathered from here, so it is likely that the questions are inside these reviewers. Concentrate more over these reviewers and as much as possible repeat them up to 10x! No more book scanning and reading anymore.

  8. Be skillful in apprehending the techniques in shading, time management, given set, sitting arrangement, things to be brought, uniforms and place of exam. Be sure to be their as early as it was suggested. Know them all and be careful always in your action and work. Many examinees are being failing because of technical problems.

  9. Use you time to review. Do not cram. And take at least 1-3 days of rest before exam to help you balance, concentrate and repose your mind. These can help you to win the exam.

  10. Pray and seek God's mercy towards your aim. Make sure that every moment in your review you will say a little pray to guide you in your review and help you to win the exam. Some people are bringing their materials to the Quaipo Church to be blessed or any church that have blessing after the mass. Make sure that you do novenas, church visit and regularly to attend Sunday mass to show your eagerness and enthusiasm that His grace will be sent to you to pass the Pharmacy Board Exam.