Sunday, January 6, 2013

Things to be Brought on Examination Day

In Pharmacy Board Exam usually things are mandated to bring to use in the actual exam. These things are very helpful to pass the exams.
  1. Calculators
  • Remember the plural of it “Calculators”. Bring minimum of 2 calculators, so that any unanticipated bad luck that come which your first calculator you use will be dysfunction another one is substitute. Be sure to check if your calculators' brand and types are according to the provided ones that required by the PRC.
  1. Bring 3 pencils which are no. 2
  • This pencil can have even and eased to shade the letter of your answers in the answer sheet. Bringing three pencils or more are better than to bring one pencil to overcome possible accident of snugging of pencil's carbon.
  1. Sharpener
  • In case that the pencils are snipped there is something to sharpen it.
  1. Uniforms
  • Do don uniforms on the day of exam. No uniforms may cause you not to take the exam or disqualification. School uniforms will do.
  1. Eraser/s
  • To erase erroneous answer or wrong shading. Be careful to erase the shaded answer. Be sure to properly erase it, because it can bring technicalities to you.
  1. Transparent envelope
  • Where you going to put all the necessary things you bring.
  1. Wear a wrist watch.
  • Make sure it is synchronized with the proctor's time, so that time management may be set.
  1. Do not bring any violative or not required things during exam day! These can lead you to disqualification and suspension to take exam.