Thursday, February 28, 2013

FDA Seminar and Training for 2013

You will be surprised again if you see these seminars and trainings and how much they cost and worth. The seminars and trainings were scheduled already, also how many participants and days of trainings were already stated.

I do not know how they come up with this costly seminars? Was their any consultation from the pharmacy organizations, pharmacists, and pharmacy industry? How about those newly passers that are looking for jobs and needing seminars, provided, they had previous expenses from their board review and exam, also with their graduation, and immediately a very expensive training will appear in their sight? How would those newly pharmacists response on these high cost seminars and training, if almost drugstores and owners are only mediocre in income and status? FDA must be considerate that not every drug establishment and pharmacist can afford to enroll to their very costly seminars and trainings. Maybe those big pharmaceutical companies and chained drugstores can afford them.