Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pharmacy Board Exam Review Materials

Most pharmacy board exam candidates are finding the right review materials to be competitively achieved the goal of passing the board exam for pharmacy. Usually the right material you gather and review is important in the steady way towards your goal. Past takers advised the new candidates to focus on reviewing past board exam questions and other international pharmacy exam questions, rather than to read and scan books. Board exam is a tricky one you should muster your 100% percent to conquer it. Questions from the past can come out again and be your question during exam. Thus, compilations of previous exam questions are retrieved and compiled for the purpose of review materials for new takers.

PACOP review materials are compilations of previous questions came out from the actual board exams. It is compiled by Philippine Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (PACOP), a national organization of colleges of pharmacy in the Philippines. Its main objective is to guide takers to what on focus on review and what can come out on during the exam. Often times questions are repeatedly asked in board exams, but it still depends on the selection of machine.

There are different editions of PACOP review materials. The first edition was the old PACOP, which was compilation of old questions up to 2005, the second edition was the 2009 PACOP Review which gathered the questions from 2006 - 2009, and the third edition and latest is the 2012 PACOP, consummation of 2010 - 2012 board exam questions. Also some review centers convince the students to review the 1995 -1998 compilations of board exam questions, because few questions are being withdrawn there and come out in the exam.

Other Materials to Review

Officially the common suggested review material for students is the PACOP Reviewer, as supported by review centers, colleges and past takers. But some materials can also be reviewed, but have little or no evidence that they will come out during exam. Review centers provide questionnaires that can be helpful in building skills in answering. Review centers advise the students when reviewing PACOP materials, they should not memorize as is the questions and choices, because they may be paraphrased, reworded and interchanged (for choices).

Obtaining of PACOP Reviewers

PACOP reviewers can be obtained from the organization itself. It is provided by some review centers and/or distributed and obtained in schools of pharmacy nationwide. It can be asked from previous takers who already passed  and not needing them. However, some reviewees are photocopying the book/s which is illegal act of violating the copyright of the authors.


Passing the board exam does not depend on how many times you have reviewed the PACOP reviewers or how many reviewers you have. Because anything about pharmacy can be asked or come out in the exam. You is the big factor to pass it. Your passion, your determination and your love for your future profession will take you to your dream. Reviewing is a part of your action, but it is still your basic knowledge that will make you through the exam. The role of your college days gives important in acquiring that basic knowledge. Reviewing will only refresh and scan your previous learnings, nevertheless, the knowledge you have is still your greatest weapon.