Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Contemporary Problems Facing by Newly Passed Pharmacists

Questions and Answers

1. Question: I just passed the licensure exam for pharmacists, yet I am below 21 years old. Could I practice  my profession or not?

Answer: As long as you have your PRC ID you may practice and be employed. However, PRC ID is released and given on individuals who are on 21 years old and beyond. Thus, if you do not reach at least this age limit you are not nominated to practice.

2. Question: I am enthusiast to work already and an employer is deploying me already, but my age is below 21 y/o and I do not have my PRC ID too. Should I accept the offer or not?

Answer: If you are an additional pharmacist or do not need to register your name and license in FDA  you can accept the work. If your name and license shall be registered in the FDA such as for opening of drugstore or an incoming pharmacist-in-charge, you need to have your PRC ID. PRC ID is very important for us pharmacists, because it is the prerequisite for other documents (such as PTR no.). So if you do not have it you are not valid to practice. But if you are very persistent to work, you can have serious talk with FDA and convince them to register you as pharmacist-in-charge for that certain establishment.

3. Question: I have my PRC ID and I am 21 y/o already, but my board certificate is not yet served to me. Could it be that FDA will register me for my employment?

Answer: There are three main reasons why your board certificate is deferred from releasing.
  1. You did not attend the oath taking ceremony for newly passed pharmacists where they are distributing the board certificate of those individuals who are 21 y/o and above.
  2. You are still underage the time you are applying for it.
  3. You are not applying for it in the PRC.
FDA is giving a moderate consent to this predicament of newly passed pharmacist, although permission is given a copy of it shall be submitted to them upon acquisition from PRC, and shall be displayed in a conspicuously area within the drugstore or establishment.