Sunday, November 4, 2012

Significance of SOP for Pharmacy

Importance of SOP for pharmacy has a great role in helping personnel gain right function, achievable task and synchronize work. They are produced to overcome overlapping of tasks and functions, handling each work, resolve intrinsic problems and dissolve disorganized work place.

1. To create a concrete step by step procedures to follow by everybody.
There maybe a chance when working heights is turning into confusion and disorganized. But upon surrendering to a procedural manual this maybe eliminated. A good personnel knows how to handle each tasks with organization and following very simple steps to have efficient work and readily finished the tasks with ease and faster, even, to create more activities in just one working day.

2. Resolves functional and responsibility overlapping.
A working place is where everybody is concerned to each other work. They are connected, but have different responsibility and function with each other. Because of the connection, some task can be also done by other personnel causing to a multitasking. Doing it so, problems may appear when one business is everbody's business. This could bring work crisis because no one is set up for certain function and a disorganization can occur. Thus when a procedural manual is available, each function can be rationalized to whom it goes and who can only act that responsibility.

3. Scope and to what extend is created.
 It defines the categories, limits and coverage for certain personnel, task, or responsibility. 

4. Identifies the synchronization of recording and filing of records.
Helps to organize the input and output of records, and traces files when it is followed.

5. Provides knowledge in emergency situation and errors.
SOP can help to trace mistake of personnel as their negligence of work. Mistakes and errors can be avoided when the procedures are strictly followed. Thus, one step overlooked can destroy the whole course of work. In emergency cases, SOP can be a manual to direct a personnel to what to do in case a very rare situation is taken place.

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