Thursday, November 1, 2012

Zuellig Pharma migration to SAP

Lately, Zuellig Pharma Philippines had migrated to a new system to upgrade their services for their customers and clients. Systems Application Program (SAP) is a program that gives proficient, optimized and productive services and distribution of medical products to clients and partners. The system was tested before the actual application to them to MetroDrug, Inc., a subsidiary company of Zuellig Pharma. MetroDrug's experienced was so malignant and severely critical that principal companies where at the point of gravid rage because of the failure and bad feedback they received from the migration. No contingency plans, no back-ups or even no assurance that the system will work. Thus, from their migration in the first quarter of this year, Metrodrug's services, distributions and other concerns are not really fixed yet. The major principal companies such as Pfizer Consumer, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Sanofi-Adventis were prioritized due to their importance in company's revenues and solely partnership to distribute their products. Their system is downgraded and  not synchronized even their sales representatives were very messed and hassled because of use of tabs that do not perfectly installed and programmed. That's why, an errors were always experiencing and some of their bookings of orders were not recorded. Moreover, their deliveries and dispatchments are improved but most problems were experienced often. In their migration until the third quarter of the year, enormous revenues were lost, and other partners are looking for another distributors to serve their products to the clients, the same is applied to client's diversion to find other distributors to server them. But as of the moment, their services are slowly back to normal, yet other products are not served and delivered.

Because of what the MetroDrug, Inc experienced, Zuellig Pharma has planned a lot of strategies and back falls to subdue the failure. Zuellig Pharma migrated into their new system on October 15, 2012 with contingency plans that fifty major accounts will be serviced of them (mostly injections, lifesaving drugs, parenterals and alike) and the other accounts will be serviced by Firmus, a new company subsidized by Zuellig Pharma. Two weeks were said to finish the migration, but sales representative's informed that the service will be normalized before the year ends, because their two warehouses are not yet ready and still mastering the new system. I hope for fast catch up to the new system so that drug distribution will be balanced and not to end to out of stock, which clients do not want to happen.

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