Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Zuellig Pharma Philippines Uses Firmus to Ship Drug Products to Their Clients

Firmus, to be the third subsidiary business owned by Zuellig Pharma besides from MetroDrug, Inc., is meanwhile shipping drugs and medical products for Zuellig Pharma Philippines. After the migration of Zuellig Pharma from their old system to the new one (SAP), practice and adaptation are needed to able to perfect and master the new one to improve their services and transactions with clients in ordering, booking and shipping drugs and medical products. Because of the bad feedback they received from the MetroDrug, Inc's migration, Zuellig Pharma had already anticipated the errors and troubles that might sprout out while in the process, so that choosing Firmus, as part of the contingency plans for incessantly service without subverting the transactions and other business processes to their clients. The Firmus is used, because it has the old system that the mother company once used before migration. Firmus serves Zuellig Pharma to dispatch and deliver all their products, except for 50 major accounts which are all vials, injectables, ampoules and other parenteral products which are all exclusively served by Zuellig Pharma.

So do not be dismayed about this event, sooner or later everything will be back to normal after Zuellig Pharma has already mastered the new system. Any queries you may ask their salesmen or call their customer service.

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