Saturday, March 16, 2013

Standard Operating Procedure – Drug Distributor: Handling of Product Complaint

(Header as exampled by FDA)

  • To provide and distribute drugs that are proven safe, affordable and effective for human or animal use.
  • To provide drugs that contain ingredients that are approved by the FDA for human and animal consumption to prevent, cure and mitigate human and animal illnesses.

  • To implement customer satisfaction through distribution of high quality medical products that are FDA approved.
  • Products that do not comply the FDA standards.
  • Products for recall

  • Pharmacist
  • Owner/Procurement personnel


Quality of Records:
  • All stocks that come from the supplier should be recorded. The expiration date, quantity, lot number and name of the drug delivered should be carefully recorded. The stocks should be visually checked. Identify the storage condition of the drugs to maintain effectiveness.
  • Official Receipt
  • Complain Logbook

End of document