Sunday, March 3, 2013

To Be A Happy Pharmacy

Being a pharmacist is not an easy job and must be with effort and passion to carry out the real value and nobility to serve the people with optimum healthcare and drug information. As humans, we cannot do away of the feeling of being enrage or agitated, because we encounter people who are hardly to manage and to be with either on daily basis or unexpectedly. Pharmacists are always in midst of some long boring time of filling prescription for patients, counseling and informing, which often they deal with customers that are unlikely to be with and can be nerving. As a daily routine of getting hot tempered and aggressiveness, pharmacists must be chilled out, relaxed and found a way to carry the day without being exhausted because of patients' bad approach. Some valued advice are given down.

1. Love your profession. Embracing your being pharmacist can help you to enjoy more of your work and can provide you with perseverance and patience when dealing with persons who are nerving and unlikely to deal with.

2. Pharmacy is a vocation. Pharmacy is not to capitalize but to serve people by giving the best drug information and counseling. Money is not the main point of being a pharmacist, rather, it is the value of caring for others health through drug guidance and therapy. Because once money is chosen, health will be compromised.

3. Continue learning and education. This can help you to lessen your boredom and adds more knowledge that can be helpful to your counseling. Reading books, scanning of old notes or even staff discussion can be helpful to conserve skills and knowledge that already in you. I know sometimes we forgot things but we can recall them by studying them again.

4. Have a positive vibes. Do not let customers eat you up by their bad approach, instead smile all the time even you are very sick of them. Do not show that you are so affected by their character, however, be approachable and understandable. You might not know those customers will be back again and again in your pharmacy, because of your good action and approach you showed them.

5. Blog and share your ideas to other pharmacists. This is a good way to release your burden to others. By voicing out it will help others to learn from your experience and can even relieve yourself. Others have the same situation you do have and can advice you how to handle it. Also by posting you content may help you to empty your laden and help you to do better next time for your customers. Do not bring the shout out into gossip.

6. Learn from your mistakes. Mistake is the best teacher so we must take each wrong into positive way. It is not always that we are knowledgeable of drugs and their information, we tend to err too, but we must know our limitations and never be afraid of telling your customer to search for the answer about his/her query or ask the doctor about the uncleared prescription or about the proper counseling. There is a due process to follow to provide the best service to the patient. Do not repeat the same case again, instead be wise and discern first before you act.

7. Have a harmonious relationship with your staff. Often times it is not the customer that is the caused of short-tempered but to the staff that is within your pharmacy. It is good to end up any conflict or fissure to serve better the customers. Confront that person. Open forum is advisable.

8. Self-volunteering and initiation. I believe when you volunteered yourself wholeheartedly you can do better. I always apply this. Because I know it is hard to act when there is hesitation, reluctant and provocation. Self-initiation can help you to do more and surpass your expectations.

9. Think for the people's wellness. We always never think of this reason to serve others. Our main role is to provide meds and educate customers about their drugs. But it is excellent too to help them, because you concern about their cure and well-being. Some pharmacy opens for business only, but for humanitarian reasons and welfare of the people should also be thought too!

10. Do not forget to pray. Because it is your chosen profession and you cannot take away the fact that your job will be like that until you retire (unless you change you profession or line of work), it is best to pray always before starting your work and dismissing from it. I know by his divine providence, you will receive a patient and understanding heart, good knowledge and skills and a good advocacy to help people about their drugs. Ask him to deliver you from every situation that leading you to wrong and help you to manage your work and the people around you.