Sunday, December 21, 2014

Gargles and Washes

What are Gargles?
Gargles as a class of preparations are aqueous solutions employed form treating the pharynx and nasopharynx by forcing air from the lungs through the gargle which is held in the throat. Many mouth washes are used as gargles either as is or diluted with water. Many gargles are diluted with water prior to its use.

What are Washes?
Washes are mostly aqueous in nature containing some alcohol or glycerin present to aid in solubilization of volatile substance. Mouth wash are usually pleasantly flavored solutions and are often colored and may be either acidic or basic in reaction. They are often employed for deodorant, refreshing or antiseptic effect. Local anti-infective agents as hexetidine and cetylpyridinium chloride are added to commercial mouth wash.

Example of Washes:


NF Mouthwash is also known as Alkline Aromatic Solution NF II, Liquor Aromaticus Alkalinus, Liquor Antisepticus Alkalinus NF IV, and Alkaline Antiseptic Solution.

Potassium Bicarbonate                            20 g
Sodium Borate                                        20 g
Thymol                                                    0.5 g
Eucalyptol                                               1.0 ml
Methyl salicylate                                      0.5 ml
Amaranth Solution                                  14 ml
Alcohol                                                   50 ml
Glycerin                                                100 ml
Purified Water, q.s.                         ___________
      To make                                       1000 ml

Dissolve the potassium bicarbonate and sodium borate in 100ml purified water, add the glycerin when effervescence has ceased, add the mixture to 500ml purified water. Dissolve the other ingredients in the alcohol, and add the solution of salts to the alcoholic solution with agitation. Then add sufficient quantity of purified water to make the product measure 1000ml. Allow the mixture to stand, with occasional shaking during 24 hours. Filter using talc, if necessary to produce a clear solution.

Possible Uses: Antibacterial mouthwash, nasal douche and throat gargle which is approximately isotonic with body fluids and therefore non-irritant to the mucous membranes. For oral use undiluted; dental spray diluted with 5 volumes of water.